Monday, June 05, 2006

Since my last blog, I've continued to learn about computing generally; but web design specifically. I'm in the process of setting up a home network to link my home office wirelessly to my new laptop. I sort of got stuck and so I've decided to pay a technician to set that up - or at least finish it! I'm thinking about a larger website now. My website ( )is different now and it sort of evolves as I learn. I want to help people like students to use their web space and make money from advertising on their own web sites. Lots of people on Myspace and I find that difficult, compared to doing a website and Myspace only gives you one page. I found Newview, otherwise known as NVU - you can get thet from It's a freeware web design program. Slower to use than FrontPage and different. But my 10 year old niece tried it and built a small site - so can't be too difficult. But she does seem to learn faster than me now! It's also useful to get an FTP program - to see what files are on your website and you can move them either way upload or download and also delete files on the website. I found a freeware FTP program at It does the job and is fairly easy to use. But I'd like to do a site with lots of instructions on how to activate web space, design web sites, publicise your site, viral marketting and anything else I can think of that willhelp people like students or people on low income to make money from their web sites through advertising.

That's about it - my regards to all my readers from England. Mike10613